P2-11: Using GitHub and RStudio to Facilitate Authentic Learning Experiences in a Regression Analysis Course

By Maria Tackett, Duke University


There has been a lot of work in recent years to enhance the student experience in introductory statistics courses, since these are often a student’s first in-depth exploration of the discipline. It is important to keep students just as engaged as they move into intermediate courses, since these are often the first ones required for the major (or minor). In this poster I will show how computing tools such as RStudio and GitHub have been implemented to create authentic learning experiences in an intermediate-level regression analysis course. Though the course is aimed at statistics majors, about 70 students from a variety of academic disciplines are enrolled each semester. I will discuss some of the challenges of using these tools in a classroom with students who have diverse computing experience, and I will share strategies to deal with these challenges. I will also show examples of in-class activities and assignments.