P1-30: Student Developed Shiny Apps for Teaching Statistics

By Samuel Messer and Yinqi Zhang, The Pennsylvania State University


Each summer ten Penn State undergraduate statistics majors develop Shiny apps for teaching and then field-test them in courses the following academic year. The goals of the program are to enhance skills in R, learn R Shiny as a way to demonstrate statistical principles, gain experience in team-based reproducible programming using GitHub, and enhance statistical knowledge for program participants as well as the students who will later use the apps created. The design of this program might also be amenable to use for a capstone course or class project.

As students who took part in the summer 2018 program under the direction of Dr. Dennis Pearl, we will describe the program and our experiences in it and demonstrate the results of our work. The collection of 34 apps are available at https://shinyapps.science.psu.edu/. The apps explore and challenge students on learning objectives in both introductory and upper division statistics courses.

Poster Session - P1-30 - Student Developed Shiny Apps for Teaching Statistics.pdf