P1-26: Exploring and Addressing Sampling Misconceptions in Statistical Reasoning Using Simulations

By Jessie Store and Davie Store, Alma College


Preparing students to evaluate evidence requires developing the knowledge of big ideas underlying statistical investigations. Sampling is one of the big ideas that are foundational to evaluating evidence. This presentation reports how student reasoning about sampling concepts was explored using Statistical Reasoning Assessment and interviews, and how the learning experiences were designed using TinkerPlots and Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) to address identified misconceptions. This report is based on work with one hundred preservice teachers and secondary students in both formal classrooms and out-of-school informal educational setting. This presentation advocates for the use of out-of-school settings such as camps as affordances for developing pre-service teachers’ knowledge for teaching statistics in middle and high schools. It also advocates for the use of out-of-school spaces to enrich secondary students’ statistical reasoning.