P1-25: Multi-Institutional Assessment of Changes in Student Attitudes for Introductory College Courses with and without a Focus on Simulation Based Inference

By Shea Reynolds and Beth Chance, Cal Poly


This poster will present results from a four-year multi-institutional research study comparing tertiary introductory statistics curricula (primarily “simulation-based” vs. not). Following-up previous analysis on gains in conceptual understanding, we will focus on changes in students’ attitudes (using SATS) from beginning to end of course, as well as 4-months and 16-months post-course. Prior studies have found little to no improvement in student attitudes, but we also will look at specific questions and use multilevel models to incorporate both student-level and instructor-level variables. We will look for evidence that courses centering on genuine research studies and the statistical investigation process do or do not differentially impact student attitudes.