P1-19: A Comparison of Teaching Methods in Introductory Statistics: Lecture-Based Teaching vs. Team-Based Learning

By Maryann S. Allen, Colby-Sawyer College


Does the structure of the learning environment influence outcomes in introductory statistics classes? This poster highlights faculty insights and student outcomes in undergraduate statistics classes in two types of learning environments: (1) a lecture-based environment and (2) a modified Team-Based Learning environment (Michaelson, Knight, & Fink, 2004). This IRB approved study was conducted at a small private college in Northern New England, with classes ranging in size from 16 to 25 students. Assessment results using the Artist CAOS assessment instrument (Delmas, Garfield, Ooms, & Chance, 2006) demonstrate significant gains in learning for both learning environments, but neither environment was superior to the other.

Poster Session - P1-19 - A Comparison of Teaching Methods in Introductory Statistics - Lecture-Based Teaching vs Team-Based Learning.pdf