P1-18: AP Statistics Teaching Survey

By Taylor Harrison and Heather Barker, North Carolina State University


Over 400 AP Statistics Teachers in the US participated in a survey examining their instructional beliefs and practice. Participants were recruited via email, web forums, and social media groups. Topics included their pedagogy, curricular emphasis, use of technology, assessment practices, beliefs about teaching statistics, and characteristics of their AP Statistics course. Teachers’ were asked about their approach to statistical inference and to analyzing and interpreting data, including size and types of data used, types of problems investigated, and use of technology to analyze data and draw inferences. The poster presents a selection of findings to describe overall trends and practices in AP Statistics classes. In addition, comparisons are made to findings from Zieffler’s et al.’s (2012) Statistics Teaching Inventory for college introductory statistics instructors. Alignment to recommendations from the GAISE Report are investigated, and implications for teacher practice, preparation, and professional development are presented.