P1-04: R Shiny Apps for Teaching and Learning Statistics

By Dan Adrian, Grand Valley State University


The use of applets in teaching introductory statistics was recommended by the GAISE report for their ability to emphasize concepts without being encumbered by numerous calculations. R Shiny makes it easier for individual instructors to design their own apps and tailor them to their own teaching style. I will demonstrate some of the R Shiny apps I have created to aid teaching and learning in statistics courses from introductory to graduate level, including both passive and live demos on large monitor screen. The passive demo will be an approximately 90 second video that will loop through highlights of the operation of a few apps. This video can be interrupted at any point USCOTS participants are interested in a live demo, where I (or they) will operate the apps in real time. I use Shiny apps as teaching aids, classroom/lab activities, and homework problems. Unfortunately, my apps are not accessible to the public at this time, but I will make the code used to create the apps available. I will make documents containing classroom activities and homework problems available as well.