4G: STAT4STEM: A learning platform for introductory statistics

Eric Simoneau (STATS4STEM.ORG - Boston Public Schools)


STATS4STEM.ORG, a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is a free online learning platform being specifically built to meet the needs of statistics educators and their students. The website provides educators with cutting-edge computing resources, assessment items with corresponding educator dashboard, an educator message board, and statistical learning resources specifically tailored for introductory statistics courses. Over the last four-plus years, the STATS4STEM team has built up the assessment and tutoring platform to the point where it currently consists of over 2000 formative assessment items that can be used by introductory statistics educators and their students. This platform simultaneously assesses students while providing instantaneous feedback to students as they work through problems. In addition, educators are provided with a real-time dashboard of student learning data. Finally, all educators gain access to an educator message board and both educators and student accounts provide access to individual cloud-based RStudio accounts.