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W02: Web Scraping and Data Visualization with Python and Tableau

With Silas Bergen and Todd Iverson (Winona State University)


Tuesday, May 16 at 1 p.m. to Thursday, May 18 at noon


In today’s data-driven society, two skills are especially important for successfully navigating the data cycle: the ability to work with and manipulate unstructured data, and the ability to effectively communicate data visually. A primary source of relevant unstructured data is the Internet, where often the data of interest are not available in a ready-to-use form. The Python programming language is used by many data scientists for web-scraping and data cleaning while Tableau is an industry standard for data visualization.  In this workshop, we will provide introductory instruction in the use of both of these tools. We will illustrate use of these tools with a case-study, using Python to scrape data from a web site and prepare it for visualization in Tableau.