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Orientation for First-Time Attendees


One new feature of this USCOTS is increased support for first-time attendees of this conference. We have planned three activities to welcome you to a very supportive community of statistics educators:

  • Your nametag will come with a bright green “first-time attendee” designation, so we encourage you to seek out and meet other first-timers. We also urge experienced attendees of USCOTS to look for those nametags and introduce themselves to a newcomer.  (In other words, experienced folks, please provide evidence to support our claim about being a welcoming and supportive community!)
  • Prior to the opening session, at 6:30 on Thursday evening, and repeated at 7:45 on Friday morning, we will have a welcoming gathering of first-time participants led by some experienced USCOTS veterans in President’s Hall.
  • Some of the birds-of-a-feather lunch discussion sessions will be devoted to first-time attendees, so please consider having lunch at one of these tables to meet each other and ask questions of an experienced USCOTSer.