P2-25: Connecting to Real World Data: The Case of AirBnB

By Jodi Fasteen (Carroll College)


Working with real world data encourages students to make connections between their statistics coursework and the world beyond school. At Carroll College we are developing an accessible, entry level statistics course which focuses on inferential statistics, simulation, and real world data. I will share an example of a lab activity using an AirBnB data set. This activity includes two-sample mean tasks and two-sample proportion tasks using a rich and current data set. I will also share the results of how the lab proceeded in a typical statistics course. In addition to the AirBnB data set, I will discuss other large data sets that we have leveraged in the course, including OKCupid data (from a dating website) and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks data about fish populations over multiple decades. Within each data set, I will focus on both teacher generated and student generated statistical questions.