P2-20: Test Your Knowledge about Two-year Colleges in the U.S.

By Monica Dabos (College of the Canyons); Michael Posner (Villanova University)


Most instructors at four-year colleges and universities are not aware of the important work being done at community colleges to teach statistics. More than 135,000 students take statistics at two-year colleges in the US and this number is continuously increasing. In this game show/poster we will bring not yet published data from the CBMS (conference board of mathematical sciences) 2015 survey with the most current information about two-year colleges and statistics teaching. Visitors to our poster/game show will compete against other USCOTS attendees to see who knows the most about teaching statistics at two-year colleges. The goal is to make everyone more aware of the important role that community college statistics instructors play in our community. Prizes will be awarded!