P2-10: DYOD (Download Your Own Data)

By Robin Lock, Ivan Ramler, and Choong-Soo Lee (St. Lawrence University)


This poster/demonstration will allow participants to try out a set of web apps designed to allow students to create and download individual datasets with a common structure. For example, with one app, users can pick a favorite TV series and the app will scrape data on ratings for each episode from the IMDb website, show them the data in a table and set of boxplots (by season), and allow them to download the data as a .csv file for further analysis. A second app gives prices of used cars from an online site (for a user choice of zip code and car model) along with year and mileage for a sample of cars found near that zip code. The third app does something similar with prices of houses along with variables such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. The goal is to provides each student (or group) with an easy mechanism for generating and downloading a personalized dataset, while maintaining a consistent organization to the data that allows the instructor to design appropriate tasks to investigate (such a regression models to predict prices of used cars or homes).

Links to apps are openly available at:

Poster - Robin Lock, Ivan Ramler, and Choong-Soo Lee.pdf