P1-22: Online Statistics Tutoring at the College Level

By Kayla Montomery, Ann Marie Gardner, Katie Klick, Zach Ricci, Whitney Zimmerman, Glenn Johnson, Neill Johnson (The Pennsylvania State University)


This poster will be presented by undergraduate students who work for Penn State Learning as Q&A and Guided Study Group leaders. Penn State Learning offers online support for World Campus students taking STAT 200: Elementary Statistics. This is a completely online course. These resources include two Guided Study Group sessions each week in addition to two Q&A sessions each week. Undergraduate peer tutors use Blackboard Collaborate and its various features to display presentations and answer questions, both through the use of microphones and transcription on screen.

Guided Study Group presentations are comprised of a review of the week’s topics in the form of PowerPoint slides, closing with review questions and an open question forum. These sessions are recorded so students who cannot attend them live may watch them later in the week.

Q&A sessions are typically scheduled for one hour and allow students to drop in with questions.

In the Spring 2017 semester a simulation-based inference (SBI) curriculum was piloted in three World Campus sections of STAT 200. This new course outline will be presented and compared to past STAT 200 courses. We will present longitudinal data concerning completion rates for semesters before and after these tutoring services were made available to students.

We will be demonstrating the use of Blackboard Collaborate as well as Minitab Express. An example of a Guided Study Group presentation will be shown as well as data pertaining to the attendance at the sessions.