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4F: Simulation-Based Activities for Inferential Reasoning of Mathematics Teachers

With Maryann Huey (Drake University), and Wendy Weber (Central College)


Participants in this session will explore changes in 52 secondary mathematics teachers’ inferential reasoning resulting from an intensive learning experience utilizing simulation and randomization approaches to statistics. The participating teachers engaged in a year-long Mathematics and Science Partnership grant-funded professional development program titled “Statistics and Probability, Content and Pedagogy, for Secondary Teachers”. During two weeks in June, teachers experienced activities spanning the secondary content standards specific to probability and statistics widely adopted throughout the United States (NGA Center & CCSSO, 2010). Pre- and post-assessment data were collected to gauge resulting changes in teachers’ content knowledge from two sources: GOALS-2 (Sabbag & Zieffler, 2015) and six research-based constructed response items. The purpose of this session is to compare changes observed with participating teachers with research-based findings specific to undergraduate populations in order to inform professional development efforts specific to secondary mathematics teachers. The professional development design and prior knowledge and experiences of participating teachers will be shared to provide a context for the changes observed.