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4C: Implementing GAISE Recommendations *

With Megan Mocko (University of Florida), Robert Carver (Stonehill College), John Gabrosek (Grand Valley State University), Jeff Witmer (Oberlin College), and Beverly Wood (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)


The recently endorsed GAISE College Report 2016 includes two new emphases “Teach statistics as an investigative process of problem-solving and decision making” and “Give students experience with multivariate thinking.” Although the report includes several examples using real data, there is value in finding more data sets that illustrate these two emphases. In this session, participants will divide into groups and participate in a Mini Data Fest. Each group will be given one of several different large real data sets to explore with the goal of incorporating the investigative process and multivariate thinking. At the end of the session each group will present a data-rich visualization that represents a multivariate relationship, explain how this can be used in class, and reflect on how the new GAISE guidelines could be met. (Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops.)