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Summary Statistics

  • I understand that the average lifespan of a horse is 27 years with a standard deviation of about 4 years.  Thus, it is pretty rare for a horse to live past 40 - but the Guinness Book of World Records says there was one horse named “Old Billy” that used to pull barges up and down canals in England.  That horse was born in 1760 and lived to be 62 years old. I had a medical appointment on my 62nd birthday and the doctor said I was healthy as a horse.  That’s when I decided to slow down.  I want to be healthy as a giant tortoise. 

    Dennis Pearl

  • Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.

    Peter Sondergaard (1965 - )

  • Lyric © 2015-2016 Lawrence M. Lesser
    Sung to the tune of: "Home on the Range"

    Oh give me a range where the cattle all graze
    By the range of the mountains nearby.
    You may have heard other types of this word
    Like where missiles and bullets do fly:

    CHORUS: Oh, give me the range,
    Like the range of the notes of this song.
    When melody's scanned, just one octave is spanned,
    That helps us to sing along!

    Let's look at the facts -- first, label the max
    And the minimum value you see.
    Then you subtract and report back
    Their positive dif'rence to me! (Repeat Chorus)

    Oh it's the first tool we learn of in school
    To measure variation:
    Its units align with the data assigned,
    But an outlier causes inflation! (Repeat Chorus)

  • Statistics Scramble!

    Puzzle (PDF)

    Solution (PDF)
  • by Jacqueline Shaffer (1980 -)

    Pesky data points that obstruct results,
    occurring far away from others,
    wishing to delete them,
    but never should,
    if correct.

  • Professor: I would tell you a statistics joke, but it would just be average.

    Student: I would tell you your jokes are average, but that would just be mean.

    Jackie Miller

  • No matter how much reverence is paid to anything purporting to be "statistics," the term has no meaning unless the source, relevance, and truth are all checked.

    Tom Burnam (1913-1991)