**Practice Classifying Statistical Problems

On this site, students can practice classifying statistics problems. They first click to check the statistical methods that they want to practice classifying. Then they click the "Submit" button to get a description of a research project that involves a statistical technique. Students then click on the technique that will most likely be used in the project. If they choose the incorrect answer, they must read the hint and try again. When they get something correct, they click on the "Next" button to try another problem.
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Larry Green
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Java required. Works with IE or Firefox.
Content Quality Concerns: 
It might be helpful to have sections that introduce the different methods. Also, the way that confidence intervals and hypothesis tests are mixed together could make it somewhat confusing.
Content Quality Strengths: 
The applet does a nice job of providing a variety of questions in each type of inference. The hints given if the student makes a wrong choice would be very helpful for students to see why the test was wrong and help correct their thinking. The applet follows generally accepted terms and notation.
Ease of Use Concerns: 
All of the material (question to all responses) did not fit on the screen, so scrolling was necessary after selecting your response to see the hint or click next. It might be better if everything fit on the screen and scrolling was not necessary. Also, when finished with a question (after pressing next), the screen did not return to the top of the page displaying the next question, the student would need to scroll up to see the new question. Again, if scrolling is necessary, it might be better to have the top of the page displayed after clicking next. Lastly, there were a few misspellings in questions (for example, creek was spelled creak).
Ease of Use Strengths: 
The applet is relatively easy to use as it is simply point and click.
Potential Effectiveness Concerns: 
There are a large number of questions for students to work through, and the questions do repeat themselves after a while, so it would be hard to ask students to "complete" the module as an assignment. Also, there is no way for instructors to receive feedback on student performance on this module.
Potential Effectiveness Strengths: 
The applet is very practical and "hands-on," and it gives students opportunities to apply what they are learning. Hopefully, this will be motivating for students. The variety of questions provided is nice, as are the hints given when wrong choices are made.
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Source Code Available
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Learner, Teacher
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Free for All

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