Lesson Plan: Univariate Statistics

This is a lesson plan for 16 to 17 year old students that focuses on developing students' understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of various representations of real world univariate statistics. Students work in groups to research different visual representations and create a wiki page of their findings.

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Stephen Lawatsch
Technical Requirements: 
Students would need access to the Internet and knowledge of how to use and construct wikis
Content Quality Concerns: 
This lesson plan could be improved by providing more information about how wikis work, what the author feels are strengths and weaknesses of different visual representations as a guide for teachers, example websites for data, example assessment questions to assess students understanding of displays, and a rubric on what students could include in their wiki displays. Students' prior experience with mathematics or statistics that will aid them in this task is not described.
Content Quality Strengths: 
The lesson plan provides a nice structure for a lesson that would be student-centered and allow students to develop their own understanding about visual representations. It encourages appropriate statistical practice, integrates graphics and multimedia when appropriate, and integrates the concepts in statistics using appropriate statistical representations.
Ease of Use Concerns: 
More detailed information about wikis, data sources, and visual representations, and assessment items, could be included. Also, it might be more useful if information could be shared about how grades might be given for group work.
Ease of Use Strengths: 
The lesson allows students to have a kind of power in their own learning. The lesson is well-structured and interactive. It seems like it would really engage students. The instructions are clear as well.
Potential Effectiveness Concerns: 
The lesson plan would allow for quality student learning, but more direction could be provided in the lesson plan on the strengths and weaknesses of different displays to help teachers.
Potential Effectiveness Strengths: 
The module is student-centered and students construct their own representations. The wiki pages would allow the teacher opportunities for formative assessment. The lesson involves a real world context, and the student artifacts from the lesson are also realistic.
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