Recreating My Elementary Statistics Course for DEI Designation

Jana Asher (Slippery Rock University)


In January 2022, I was trained to teach my Elementary Statistics course as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)-designated course at Slippery Rock University. This designation requires that at least four DEI-related student learning outcomes are included in the syllabus and that the entire curriculum is DEI-infused. Modifying the Elementary Statistics course by the strict standards required for DEI designation meant rethinking the content, format, activities, and assessments.

In this breakout session, I will spend the first 30 minutes reviewing the new course structure and how I incorporated DEI themes into my lectures and into student activities and assessments. Breakout groups will then meet for 20 minutes to discuss how the course achieves (or fails to achieve) the stated DEI objectives and brainstorm other ways to infuse DEI principles into an Elementary Statistics curriculum. Finally, we will reconvene to discuss the brainstorming sessions and consolidate our ideas.