P4-07: Data Analytics in the Introductory Business Statistics Classroom: Which Airline Will be the Official Airline of JSM 2020?

By Deborah Rumsey & Danielle Hoffman (The Ohio State University)


Data analytics at its basic level is the process of finding and working with data in order to learn information and/or make decisions. In this poster we present a final project that has been successful with our small business statistics class. We discuss the project, its goal and rubric, and give some tips and take-aways from the experience.

The outline of the poster is the following:

  1. What is Data Analytics at the Intro Level?
  2. How Does Data Analytics Benefit our Students?
  3. A Final Project using Data Analytics - Airlines Competing for JSM
  4. Project Expectations and Rubric
  5. Management of the Project
  6. Examples of Student-found Sources
  7. Final Products and Take-aways