eCOTS 2018 - About

CAUSE is excited to announce that the 2018 Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics (eCOTS) will be held online May 21-25, 2018 offering more than 40 hours of virtual programming. This year's online conference focuses on statistics education at all levels and types of learning institutions:  secondary school, two-year colleges, and four-year liberal arts and research universities. The conference theme is "Data Science for All".  

Recently, we have seen a rise in data scientist (or related) positions in industry as well as a boom in data science graduate and undergraduate programs. How should statistics educators and students respond? What curriculum should we teach? How should we teach it? Have the goals of statistics education changed? If so, how? How should data science ideas be integrated into any level or type of course or how should the field help with the preparation of instructors to meet this challenge. 

This virtual conference is for anyone who teaches or studies statistics or data science.  The program will be exciting with keynote presentations from Jeff Leeks and Dick DeVeaux, four workshops from NSF supported statistics education projects as well as a hosted of inclusive presentations on our theme and virtual posters on many innovative statistics education topics.  Sessions will range from ideas for
incorporating statistics and/or data science concepts into all curricular
levels to providing interactive data and learning opportunities for all statistics
students and educators to building certificates and degree programs that
include data science.  Panel discussions will include describing data science and statistics education, a look at the state-of-the-art in online statistics education tools, and the future of statistics education, including funding opportunities.  Virtual posters will showcase the current broad range of work in "Statistics and/or Data Science for K-16 and Beyond".  The conference website will also include a repository of related available statistics and data science resources for attendees as well as the general public.

Face-to-face regional meetings will also take place around the country to help build local faculty communities of statistics and data science educators.

eCOTS 2018 Organizing Comittee:

Rebecca Nugent (chair), Carnegie Mellon University
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundle, Duke University
Nicholas Horton, Amherst College
Megan Mocko, University of Florida
Kari Lock Morgan, Penn State University
Dennis Pearl, Penn State University

eCOTS 2018 Poster Session Comittee:

Jack Miller (poster session chair), University of Michigan
Melinda E. Baham, Baham Consulting
Chris Malone, Winona State University
Bethany White, University of Toronto