P2-06: Efficacy of 'The Islands'-based Projects Compared to Student-Collected Data Projects in Introductory Statistics Courses

By Lisa Rosenberg, Ryne Vankrevelen, Laura Taylor, & Kirstie Doehler (Elon University)


"An introductory statistics group project using a virtual world called The Islands, created by Dr. Michael Fulmer from the University of Queensland, was compared to a traditional group project involving student collected data. Students in four sections of an introductory statistics class predominantly for non-majors took part in group projects using The Islands virtual world and using student-collected data. The order of these projects was randomized for each group with projects one and two covering different statistical concepts. Students filled out perception-based questionnaires before and after completion of the projects. Additionally, questions on exams were used to assess conceptual understanding of students who had completed projects of each type. This presentation provides information on The Islands, on the study that was carried out, and on assessment of student enjoyment, perception, and understanding."