eCOTS 2014 - Workshop #2

"Using Fun and Games to Engage Real-World Learning"
Shonda Kuiper, Grinnell College; and Rod Sturdivant, The Ohio State University


This presentation will focus on inquiry-based on-line games that incorporate research-like experiences within traditional courses. By grappling with intriguing real-world problems, these labs encourage students to experience the role of research scientist as they conduct hypothesis tests and regression analysis. Our games are designed to 1) engage students, 2) have a low threat of failure early on with optional additional challenges, 3) create realistic, adaptable, and straightforward models representing current research in a variety of disciplines, 4) provide an intrinsic motivation for students to want to learn, and 5) provide teacher instructions for easy, successful implementation. While games are engaging, the key aspects of our game-based labs are that they allow students to develop their own research questions, use their own unique data to make decisions, and then tie their conclusions to actual research.



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