eCOTS 2014 - Breakout Session #5

"Statistics for the 21st Century: Are we Teaching the Right Course?"
Richard De Veaux, Williams College; & Daniel J. Kaplan, Macalester College


As big data become more and more prevalent our students need an updated view of statistics. Data management must move beyond the spreadsheet as data analysis progresses beyond trends and tests. Multivariate data and models were once regarded as too advanced for the introductory course, but to survive in this century, the modern analyst needs to know how to deal with complex relationships. How can we have time to teach basic statistics as well as the formerly advanced topics that are needed in today's environment? We'll describe new approaches to teaching statistics that make these skills and concepts that once were found only in advanced courses accessible.

We will pose a series of questions to the audience to try to elicit what people think are the take away messages that a first course should contain. We hope that the presentation will make people think about the structure of their current course and how we can find a course that's relevant for students today.



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