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Singer Songwriter Seeks Scientist to Assist His Ensongolopedia

Presented by
John Hinton (Ensonglopedia)

An Ensonglopedia is a collection of 26 peer-reviewed educational songs on a single theme, one for each letter of the alphabet. I tour these song collections regularly around the UK, and have produced accompanying music videos and a making-of documentary, which can be found on YouTube, as well as audio albums which are available on Spotify, iTunes etc.

In this session, I will introduce the Ensonglopedia concept by outlining the three shows that already exist (Ensonglopedia of Science, 2017, …of Animals, 2018, and (though less relevant to STEM) …of British History, 2019), and by explaining my process of working alongside scientists (or historians) to research and write these songs.

I’ll then introduce my forthcoming 4th show in the series, for which I will ask the delegates’ help. The show is called Ensonglopedia of the Human, and will eventually consist of 26 songs addressing different aspects of what it means to be human. I’ll explain how I’m planning to partner a UK primary school in the creation of this show. I’ll ask delegates firstly what topics within human science I ought to cover (ideally with the alphabetical constraint in mind!), and secondly for tips or leads in linking me up with a range of scientists to provide expert advice on these topics.