Does Music Foster Inclusiveness & Equity in STEM Classrooms?

Presented by
Greg Crowther (Everett Community College)

Encouraging students to express themselves via their own music surely promotes inclusiveness and equity in the classroom. Do these benefits also occur when the instructor writes or chooses the music, which is perhaps more common? We will consider this question using the framework of Columbia University’s Guide for Inclusive Teaching and its associated MOOC, two free resources that examine the following five overlapping principles: (1) Establish and support a class climate that fosters belonging for all students. (2) Set explicit student expectations. (3) Select course content that recognizes diversity and acknowledges barriers to inclusion. (4) Design all course elements for accessibility. (5) Reflect on one’s beliefs about teaching to maximize self-awareness and commitment to inclusion. The presenter will conclude, somewhat cryptically, that with great power chords come great responsibility. Not being an equity expert, he invites comments from all interested participants.