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Beyond STEM: Using Music to Ignite Curiosity, Engagement and Purpose

Presented by
Jim and Kathy Ocean, OceanWorks Productions (CA)

We live in an increasingly intimidating and overwhelming world. The sheer volume of information, the speed of technological change coupled with swirling world events laid bare under the spotlight of an ever-more-connected world leave many searching for handrails. It's an even more poignant situation for students coming of age at this moment in time. While science serves as an agent of escalating change, it also contains within itself living seeds of perennial mystery, awe and wonder. Getting in touch with the underlying mystery is revitalizing and has the power to ground us in our humanity and individual/collective human potential. It can awaken a sense of purpose and offer clarity amid the noise and confusion of creative chaos. Educators who use music in their STEM curriculum can STEAM ahead, incorporating Art as an agent to catapult students away from just the rote facts to actually feeling how it involves them now and in the future. Awakening passion and care leads to an engaged citizenry. This presentation will explore ways to utilize STEM songs to not only transmit scientific facts, but to awaken hope, imagination and curiosity in these challenging times.