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Music and the Brain (but not in the usual sense)

Presented by
Joseph LeDoux, PhD, New York University (NY)

I am one of many scientists who are also musicians. I'm the rhythm guitar player, song writer, and singer in The Amygdaloids, and also in the acoustic duo So We Are. Both groups play original songs that I put together, some about mind and brain and mental disorders. The latter are inspired by research that I have done, or general ideas in the brain and cognitive sciences, and the philosophy of mind. In the past decade I've recorded six albums with songs with titles like these on them: An Emotional Brain, Mind Over Matter, My Mind's Eye, Theory of My Mind, Anxious, and Only a Dream. In part I do this as way to spread ideas about mind and brain in a fun way. But also simply because I love doing it. I don't study music and the brain – I do it.