Using in Teaching Physics

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Victor Coronel, PhD, Baruch College (NY)


There is a very extensive collection of music videos from all over the world available in Some of them were, unwittingly I think, made so that they are excellent illustrations of a physical law. As an example we have the case of Newton's Second Law using the Atwood Machine, illustrated in the video of a song "The Logger" ( I will illustrate the presentation with two or three more videos and summarise what, in my opinion, are basic characteristic of the videos that can be used, (by teachers, to make physics more interesting and captivating to students):

  1. Clearly related to the concept being discussed in class,
  2. Simplicity,
  3. Free of gender, race, and religious bias, etc.

Then I will make available a very extensive list of videos and their related topic of physics illustrated in them.



Victor Coronel - Teaching Physics with Youtube.pptx

Entangled subjects can be hard to clarify by using just content or pictures. In any case, YouTube recordings can represent a mind boggling idea or process by outwardly showing the means or thoughts included. Animation Video Maker For example, on the off chance that you are instructing the essentials of purpose of offer exchanges amid a preparation occasion, you can make a video that strolls the students through the procedure, or even locate a current video that offers them a top to bottom take a gander at how to play out the errand.

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