2014 USRESP Winning Projects

Standing Authors Title Instructor Sponsor Project
First Place

Timothy Kaye
David Khatami
Daniel Metz
Emily Proulx

Quantifying and comparing Centrality Measures for Network Individuals As Applied to the Enron Corpus Johanna Hardin View
Second Place Jimmy Wong Modelling assessment data with a hierarchical approach Beth Chance View
Third Place Audrene Edwards Shakin' things up: using the statistical approach to
model natural disasters
Kumer Das View
Kelsey Grinde
Michael O'Connell
Jaron Arbet
Evaluating basic approaches to post-hoc analysis for commonly used,
gene-based rare variant tests of association
Nathan Tintle View
Cuong Nguyen Tu Manh Predicting the internet's evolution with decision trees and lasso logistic regression models Shonda Kuyper View