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2018 Fall USCLAP Winners

Introductory Statistics

Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Johanna Emmanuel, Ian McNamara, & Sophie Kleinheksel The Effect of Music on Memory Tasks Hope College Yew-Meng Koh View
2nd Michael Miller & Christopher Anderson Global Suicidality: Indicators in Substance Abuse Skidmore College Julie A. Douglas View
3rd Benjamin Siegel Does Money Buy Happiness? United States Military Academy Dusty Turner View
3rd Carter Morfitt, Nick Harrison, Cory Leigh, & Durante Rodriguez Predicting Park Visitation in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Minnesota Using Geolocated Social Media Data Western Washington University Kimihiro Noguchi View
Honorable Mention Christopher Belica, Kendall Collins Riley, & Safia Hattab The Effects of Positivity and Negativity on Response Length Hope College Yew-Meng Koh View
Honorable Mention Kathleen Newman & Thomas Williams Behind the Army Physical Fitness Test United States Military Academy at West Point David del Cuadro-Zimmerman View

Intermediate Statistics

Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Mikoto Kobayashi, Abigail Lewis, Mukund Kalani, & Anjali Jha Sharper Whites and Brighter Brights: Cost Effective Stain Removal for College Students Grinnell College Jeff Jonkman View
2nd Yujie Wei & Jingyuan Gan Facebook or Fakebook: Identifying Fake Facebook Accounts Wellesley College Qing Wang View
3rd Margaret McGuire Predicting Tooth Loss from North Carolina Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey Data College of Wooster Marian Frazier View
3rd Lauren Acker, Natalie Cook, & Zack Jones The Rural-Urban Divide and Belief in ‘America First’: A Logistic Regression Analysis Grinnell College Jeff Jonkman View
Honorable Mention Simon Couch A Geo-Spatial Study of Bikeshare Station Locations Reed College Heather Kitada View
Honorable Mention Elizabeth Daly, Charlotte Siewick, Caroline Simmons, & Yimeng Xiao Forecasting Carbon Dioxide Levels in Mauna Loa, Hawaii: A Study of the Moving Averages Smoothing Method University of Virginia Krista Varanyak View