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Probability -- Univariate Distributions -- Functions of Random Variables

View Resource Against All Odds: 16. Random Variables

This free online video program, "demonstrates how to determine the probability of any number of independent events, incorporating many of the same concepts used in previous programs. An interview with a statistician who helped to investigate the space shuttle accident shows how probability can be used to estimate the reliability of equipment." This individual video is accessed by scrolling down...
View Resource Do Bristlebacks Cluster?

This article describes a project from Biology. The purpose was to form an opinion on whether populations of Daphnia and Bristlebacks (Thysanura, small water creatures), cluster or whether they position themselves substantially at random.
View Resource Pictoral Representation of Kendall's Rank Correlation Coefficient

This article explains the method of determining Kendall's Rank correlation coefficient, z, by drawing lines between corresponding points in the two rankings.
View Resource Probability Rules

This PowerPoint lecture presentation is a summary of probability rules and explains how to assign probabilities to different events. The original presentation is available for download.
View Resource Random Babies Activity

This worksheet activity teaches random sampling and theoretical probabilities by simulating the effects of randomly assigning newborn babies to their mothers. Students will perform trials and keep track of results, then use the information to deduce properties of random sampling. The relation website is an applet that simulates the process automatically.
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