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Data Presentation -- Categorical versus Quantitative

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View Resource **Interactive Games

This applet allows users to play several probability games like Monty Hall, Gambler's Ruin, Galton's Board, etc. Select a game from the drop down menu and click "About" to read its background. Users can manipulate the parameters for each game. Graphs of the theoretical and empirical distributions are shown. Requires JAVA.
View Resource **Virtual Experiments and Demonstrations

This applet allows users to run experiments such as Ball and Urn, Buffon's Needle, Craps, Monty Hall, and many more. Select an experiment from the drop down menu and click "About" to read its description. Then, set the parameter values. Set the sample size using the "Update" box and the number of samples using the "Stop" box. The single arrow button takes one sample and the double arrow...
View Resource Advanced Statistics - Biology 603 - Lectures

This site provides links to lecture outlines for an upper-level statistics class. Topics include hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression.
View Resource Census Bureau Data Visualization Gallery

The Census Bureau has made many data visualizations of the data it collects. It is a good collections of maps, treemaps, an age/sex pyramid, and of course more familiar graphs, like bar graphs.
View Resource Data Collection+Examples: Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

This textbook from VassarStats introduces various statistical topics and contains interactive components. Topics include: Measurement Principles; Distributions; Correlation; Regression; Partial Correlation; Rank-Order Correlation; Statistical Significance; Sampling Distributions; Hypothsis Tests; Probability; Chi-Square; Fisher's Exact Test; t-Distribution; t-test; Mann-Whitney Test; Wilcoxon...
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