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Probability -- Limit Theorems

Statistical Topic Classifications
Central Limit Theorem (49)
Laws of Large Numbers (21)

View Resource CancerGuide: Statistics

In this article, Stephen Jay Gould discusses the interpretation of the median and the shape of the distribution of lifetimes of people with mesothelioma, which he was diagnosed with. It also has links to related articles.
View Resource Case Studies in Statistics

This site lists a set of case studies that cover regression topics, random number calculations of pi, as well as limit theorems. On the individual case study pages are the descriptions and/or instructions.
View Resource Cramer-Rao Lower Bound: an Example

This file applies the Cramer-Rao inequality to a binomial random variable to prove that the usual estimator of p is a minimum variance unbiased estimator.'raocra...
View Resource Empirical Cumulative Distribution

This applet allows the user to enter data, then returns the values of empirical cumulative distribution function by sorting the data and reporting the height of the curve at each point. It does not show the graph.
View Resource Empirical Distributions

This applet plots the survival function (1-F(t)) of the exponential distribution against the empirical survival function. The empirical survival function is one minus the empirical distribution function.
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