Hands-On Distributome Activities for Teaching Probability

Tuesday, November 27th, 20122:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Presented by: Ivo Dinov, UCLA; Dennis Pearl, Ohio State; and Kyle Siegrist, University of Alabama


There is a need for modern, efficient, and engaging pedagogical techniques for enhancing the teaching of probability theory, and its applications, that leave lasting impressions on learners. The Probability Distributome project has developed portable, browser-accessible and extensible resources including:

  • Computing probability and critical values for a wide array of distributions
  • Exploring probability distribution properties and inter-distributional relations
  • Fitting probability distribution models to data
  • Virtual resampling and simulation experiments
  • Integrated data, web-applications and learning-activities

We will show some of the Distributome web-resources and discuss best practices for integrating these tools, web-applications, activities and learning materials in probability and statistics curricula.