USCOTS 2007 - About

Goals of USCOTS

  • Hold a national conference that builds on the success of USCOTS 2005 and focuses on undergraduate level statistics education targeting statistics teachers (including AP Statistics).

  • Share ideas, methods, resources, and research results and methods that take our statistics teaching and learning to the next level; kick our courses up a notch; and builds from the first course to the second course and beyond.

  • Facilitate incorporating new ideas, methods, and resources into our existing courses and programs.

  • Promote connections between all teachers of undergraduate level statistics throughout the country.

  • Facilitate special interest clusters to develop and function after the conference, leading us into USCOTS 2009.

Special Features of USCOTS

  • Plenary Sessions on Curriculum, Pedagogy, Resources, and Research by National Leaders in Undergraduate and AP Statistics Education.

  • Idea Exchange Forums to present and discuss your ideas for teaching and learning statistics using posters, demonstrations, and beyond.

  • Hands-on breakout sessions to incorporate new ideas into your courses.

  • Opportunities to meet other statistics teachers and researchers from a wide range of institutions and disciplines.

  • A Statistics Teaching and Research Resource Collection to take with you.

  • A fun, active atmosphere where everyone can be involved!

USCOTS Program Committee

Deb Rumsey (chair), Dennis Pearl, Joan Garfield, Jackie Miller, Sterling Hilton, Roger Woodard, Doug Andrews, and Larry Lesser.

Local Arrangements

Dennis Pearl, Jean Scott, Deb Rumsey, Kythrie Silva, and Jackie Miller