Observational Studies

  • Lyrics © Mary McLellan 
    may sing to the tune of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"

    Simpson’s Paradox, it does not rock
    The conclusion you get from the separate groups
    Are different when combined
    Hey! Why does it do that?
    They added those fractions wrong


  • TigerSAMPLING is almost identical to TigerSTAT. However in the TigerSAMPLING game there are additional questions that emphasize BIAS and GENERALIZABILITY. These games collect data and explore models for estimating the age of a Siberian tiger. In this game, students act as researchers on a national preserve where they are expected to catch tigers, collect data, analyze their data (using simple linear regression on transformed data), and draw appropriate conclusions

  • ... if you can’t distinguish a solid statistical argument from a slick but bogus one, you’ll be an easy mark for disingenuous ideologues and hucksterish policy entrepreneurs of all stripes.

    Kathleen Geier (1963 - )

  • by Eveline Pye

    They need to trust you
    describe their reasoning
    in detail. Each premise
    must be laid bare.

    “Why did you do that?

    Where did that number
    come from?”

    I follow each step
    searching for the wrong idea,
    the mistaken concept.

    Sometimes, all I gift
    is one new thought like….
    “Dividing can make
    a number bigger”,
    and it’s as if I see
    their minds inflate.

    It’s like blowing air
    into someone else’s lungs.
    You have to stop
    as soon as you can.

    You need them
    to  breathe again
    - all on their own.

  • by Eveline Pye

    Have you noticed that none of your stickhands
    has any teeth? Well, I’m sure they do
    put a lot of sugar in their tea, but do you not think
    it might be something to do with the job,
    poised above tanks,
    jabbing spaces between cathodes
    while acid fumes hit them in the face?

    You’re not convinced. Well here it is.
    I can be very scientific when I want to be.

    The control group was matched for age, sex, tribal origin
    and grade within the company. A Mann Whitney U-test was
    carried out and the null hypothesis was rejected, resulting in
    the conclusion that the stickhands have significantly fewer
    teeth than the control group. Your attention is drawn to the
    Dental Surgeon’s report on page 47:


    The management has to pay compensation
    but I get big white wally smiles
    every time I set foot in the tankhouse.