Webinar: Using Chance to Engage AP High School and Undergraduate University Students in the Study of Statistics

March 9, 2010 T&L webinar presdented by Dalene Stagl (Duke University) and hosted by Jackie Miller (The Ohio State University). During the past 20 years, undergraduate education has shifted from student as passive recipient of information to student as active participant in the classroom. I wrote an article for Chance magazine's 20th anniversary issue titled, "Using Chance to Engage Undergraduates in the Study of Statistics." The article gave examples of activities inspired by Chance magazine articles from the last 20 years. This webinar will take articles from a recent issue of Chance and demonstrate the ease with which any issue can be used to develop class activities that are fun for high school students and undergraduates whether the course is a basic quantitative literacy course, an AP statistics course, an introductory course for non-statistics majors, or a core or elective course for the statistics major.

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March 9, 2010 T&L Webinar
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Dalene Stangl
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