You're My Null

Lyrics & Music © 2014 Greg Crowther

If every gal I’ve met is a hypothesis
Who might turn out to be the mate I’ve sought,
And if I were to yield
To the conventions of my field,
Then you would be referred to as H-naught...

You’re my null, after all; you’re a theory in the making,
So robust to every test -- my hypothesis of choice.
You account for the past; you’re a vision of the future;
And when I feel confused, you’re my signal through the noise.

My life has been an uncontrolled experiment --
A source of all too many scattered plots.
But you provide a line
With an R-squared of point-nine;
Yes, you and you alone connect my dots...


One can never prove a null
In a finite length of time;
Each finding simply strengthens it or not.
But if I see trends emerge --
And let’s just say I do --
I’d be crazy not to publish what I’ve got...

CHORUS [twice]