lyrics by Jamie Tan Xin Yee, Joelyn Chong, Deston Tang, Christine Sia, Nellie Lee, Josiah Tan, and Lee Yi Yuan
may be sung to the tune of "LOVE" by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler

Let us teach you a thing or two
Stats is more than just concepts, for you
Stats, is very useful, can be found around us
Here’s a simple song for you to get to know it better

F, tests for different variances
Chi, looks for a relationship, you see
Z, checks for both means and true proportions
And T, is used when sigma is unknown to us, so...

One, decide on your hypothesis
Two, ascertain your significance level
Three, identify which test you should be using, and
Four, complete the steps and analyse your results, and

These, are four basic tests, for stats
All, can be done in a few simple steps
Stats, is more than numbers so make sure to analyse it
Come, let me show you what to do
Come, let me show you what to do
Come, let me show you what to do!