Question the Questions

Music and lyrics ©2017 by Lawrence Mark Lesser

Big questions are limited when they’re just YES or NO,
Like “Is race important?”: This question is called “closed”.
Some questions are double-barreled -- they ask two sep’rate things,
Like “Do you like French fries and onion rings?”

CHORUS: Question the questions on ev’ry single poll so the answers will be meaningful!

Some questions are leading, now don’t you agree?
Could you tell what I want for you to say to me?
Some items are loaded like “rate the foreign plan
Of Barack Hussein Obama, who has a Muslim Kenyan dad.”
Some questions are too complex -- here is an instance:
Should Congress not be prohibited from banning pot because it will decrease driving under the influence?
That item’s many clauses or negation words,
Make it hard to follow, understanding is blurred.  

(Repeat CHORUS)

Some options are not exhaustive, like askin’ someone’s faith
With “atheist” and “Christian” all that is displayed.
And options not disjoint can also be a trap
Like “teenage” and “voting age” have overlap. 
Some questions omit the option “prefer not to answer”:
With sensitive data and beliefs, it’s a major factor.
Some scales are unbalanced, like rating this song we’ve shared
As “excellent”, “very good”, “good”, or “fair”.  

(Repeat CHORUS)