(No One Counted On) Simpson's Paradox

Lyrics & Music © 2016 Monty Harper

We've got our kids in the choir 
The kids in the choir 
We measured their heights
To see how they changed
And on the average
Our kids got shorter 
We took it for a fact
Yeah, it was all arranged, but...

No one counted on Simpson's Paradox
Yeah no one counted on Simpson's Paradox
Nobody counted on Simpson's Paradox
To turn our numbers upside down


We took the boys in the choir 
And the girls in the choir
We were thinking they were shorter
Like the average had said
But the boys got taller
And the girls got taller
How could this happen?
Had we lost our heads?


Well we had more girls this year
And fewer boys this year
And girls are mostly shorter 
Than boys as a rule
So our girls got taller
And our boys got taller
While our choir got shorter
And we all got schooled, because