The Night's Overfitting Game

lyrics and music by Cynthia Rudin

As the evening rolls by,
The sun has past set,
my code has a bug,
and I ain’t found it yet.

I tried all kinds of trials,
ablated large scripts
depleted my memory
searched stackexchange for Tips.

In training it predicts easy
like a cheating gambler
but in test, it's a random guess.

On the midnight oil,
the fire's lit
despite these flames
it still overfit.

I know all the secrets
you know that I do
I randomized, regularized
reduced dimension to two.

Reset the seed
and reshuffle them all
increase parameters
and prepare again to fall

In training it predicts easy, like the sun in the desert
but in test, it's that random guess
the machine and I, we play this dreadful game
and overfitting has become my name.