My k Nearest Neighbors

music and lyric by Cynthia Rudin

When I look around, I'd find you there in space, and I see that you are like me...
and the future is ours, the oyster, our world, where things far-away just don't matter.

‘Cause I can count on you, ‘cause you know me too well, you just sit right there by my side.
In a metric space, we can find our place...
for each other we truly decide.

My nearest neighbors
My k nearest neighbors

If I were missing a part, you would extend your heart, so that I could be whole once again.
And when clustering, I'd do anything so that I would be with you, my friends.

My nearest neighbors
my k nearest neighbors

And all the k of you, with k more than two, together we work as a team.
Case-based reasoning, can do anything, perform as you'd fathom to dream.

My nearest neighbors
my k nearest neighbors