The model I Love

Sung by Gurdeep Stephens. Lyrics copyright and music performed by Michael Greenacre.
See also their "The Millenium Song" project.
May sing to tune of "The Man I Love" (George Gershwin)

Some day it'll come along
The model I love,
It'll be robust and strong
The model I love,
And when it comes my way
I'll put it on my resume!

Of all the models out there,
Is there one for me?
I'll give it all my love and care,
And then - finally,
I'll get my PhD

Maybe I'll do estimation
Using likelihood, or least-squares,
Or with some approximation,
Or just eyeballin',
That's the job we're all in.

To get some publications,
I'll write papers, at least two,
For my job applications,
I think that'll do, don't you?
So hear me, Lord above, I'm waiting for that model I love,
I'm waiting for the model I love.