Hypothesis on Trial

Lyrics © 2015 by Larry Lesser, music by Larry Lesser and Dominic Dousa

H-O is called the null,
It's the status quo, conservative and dull.
The null is that you're  innocent when you're on trial,
That's just our judicial style.

So evidence is gathered, the data summarized:
They deliberate on which verdict is wise.
"Fail to reject the null" is a verdict to  acquit. 
"Rejection of the null" is a verdict to  convict. 

If you "fail to reject" the null could still be false;
A "not guilty" verdict doesn't prove you have no faults.
A Type One error is to falsely  convict. 
A Type Two error is to falsely  acquit. 

If the trial has high power, the odds are good.
It will  convict  when it should. 
Courtroom analogy helps us out
With hypothesis tests, beyond a reasonable doubt!