Height of Confidence

Lyrics © 2015 by Larry Lesser, music by Dominic Dousa

For a population, there is a parameter
We want to learn about it, it's the number that we're after
Our best guess for its value is the sample statistic
The method we use to get it should make us optimistic!

We'll estimate proportions from opinion polls
Or estimate the mean height from our class rolls.
We hope our sample targets the parameter unknown;
We want a likely range stated as a zone.
When we seek that interval, it's always good to know
What would make it shrink and what would make it grow.

The interval gets tighter with increasing n:
The added information helps us narrow in!
The interval gets bigger with a larger s,
That has come from a sample that's a more uncertain mess!
The interval gets wider for higher confidence
'Cause you have to cover lots more of your bets!

Our sample gives us one shot to make a decent guess
So let's use a method with a high rate of success!
I'm eighty percent confident my answers are first rate,
In my estimation, when we estimate!