1 in 2

Lyrics and music ©2012-2013 by Lawrence Mark Lesser

I heard of chance in math class while glancing at Sue from afar;
Ev'ry outcome equally likely, rolling a die or drawing cards.
And that gave me hope: she'll either love me or she won't,
So chances must be 1 in 2 that I'll win Sue!

Now I got me a ticket for the lottery: either I hit jackpot or I don't.
So easy to win: I'm ready to spend, and I'll try hard not to gloat
From my mansion, financed by this 50-50 chance
To make my dream come true - - me and Sue!

But odds were "odd" 'cause who would guess
Having 1 in 2 chances, twice with no success?!

It's just as well we never jelled: I know divorce hits 1 in 2.
And lottery's no draw for me: my ping pong ball days are through (they were numbered)!
Yeah, I'm movin' on - - what I knew was wrong:
There's more to chance I must pursue, like 1 in 2. Will skies be blue? 1 in 2.