USCOTS 2019 - Lifetime Achievement Award - Rules

The Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) is now accepting nominations for the 2019 USCOTS Lifetime Achievement Award in statistics education. This biennial award is presented at the U.S. Conference On Teaching Statistics to an individual who, over an extended period of time, has made lasting contributions with broad impact to the field of statistics education especially, but not limited to, the teaching and learning of college-level statistics.

Nomination and judging rules:

  1. The award committee is made up of the Director of CAUSE, the Chair of the CAUSE Board of Directors, the Chair of the USCOTS Program Committee, and at least three past winners (past winners include: George Cobb, Joan Garfield, Roxy Peck, Richard Scheaffer, Christine Franklin, Ann Watkins, Michael Shaughnessy, and Danny Kaplan).
  2. Members of the award committee may not write letters of support for a nomination. However, an award committee member intending to participate in a nomination may ask to withdraw from the committee before January 15, 2019 and have a different past winner replace them.
  3. The committee will review nominations arriving before February 15, 2019. A nomination packet (maximum 10 pages) should include a nomination letter of up to 3 pages signed by three nominators stating why the individual is deserving of the award and up to 7 pages of supporting testimony/e-mails from others. An example of the packet prepared for the 2013 award winner may be helpful in preparing a nomination.
  4. Self-nominations are not allowed.
  5. Both the nominator and those who write letters of support are asked to keep the nomination secret from the nominee.
  6. Nominations that are not successful may be updated and resubmitted in another year.
  7. Nominators will be notified by March 15, 2019 if their candidate has won the award. In that case, nominators will work with the award committee to be sure the winner attends USCOTS 2019 and in preparing a tribute book for the winner (without notifying the winner).
  8. Nomination packets may be sent by e-mail to Dennis Pearl, Director of CAUSE at